Paul is a barrister and founder of Lawyers in Nature who aim to provide representation, campaigning and legal resources on environmental protection and rights for nature. Paul was recently interviewed by Nigel Farage on his GBTV show about his work to much acclaim.

We speak about Paul’s work and why he does it. He unpacks the reality of our climate and environmental crisis using cases studies like the Thamas Water sewage scandal. And explains the systemic changes he’s working on in corporate law whereby environmental impact will have to be legally considered in governance.

We debate the dichotomy of human vs. nature’s rights and how they would be balanced in society’s best interests. And reflect on what we can learn from other civilisations, past and present, to help save and improve our own. All that plus more.

Paul’s recommendations:

Spaceship Earth (podcast)

Rights of Nature by David Boyd (book)

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