We popped in to have a chat with CEO of the Nourish Awards Diana Babics and the nominated founders of the UK’s leading health food brands about the highs and lows of running their businesses.

And what a lovely bunch they were! Bright minds with forward thinking, health conscious products:

Priya Koliyot from The Keto Elf

Simona Deifta from Nojo London

Lucy Brose from Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen

Alienor Bouzenad from Nucci

Adrian Beckett from Nuzest London

Giulia Berretti from Sunny & Luna

Maya Qureshi from Rhythm Nutrition

Terry O’Riordan from Keto Chefs

Abigail Harper from Earthnutz

Bethan Thomas from Hot Tea Mama

Louise Gross from Go Low Baking

Artemis Hajigeorgiou from Manayi

Yulia Allawi from Verity Labs

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