Founder of adaptive fashion brand – Unhidden – Victoria Jenkins takes the quiz seat this week with in depth discussions on a bunch of quiz terms.


00:32 The Quiz Begins: Government Grants and Hashtags

00:47 Discussing Influencers and Investment TV Shows

01:02 Debating Industry Jargon and Planned Obsolescence

01:31 Exploring Founders Egos and Incubators

01:50 Views on Drinking at Lunch and R&D Tax Credits

02:20 Quantitative Easing and Work Life Balance

02:27 Controversial Discussion on Russia

03:25 Workplace Humor and Brainstorming Techniques

03:55 GDPR and Venture Capital

04:12 Charities: A Complex Topic

07:41 Staff No Dating Policies and Face to Face Meetings

08:10 Downplaying Capabilities and Crowdfunding

09:34 Lockdown Impact on Disabled Community

10:01 Quiz Conclusion and Farewell

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