CEO of Paralympics GB, David Clark OBE is in the quiz seat this week. Founder’s egos, hockey stick growth, offshore tax havens, and even Russia pop up for questioning.


00:40 BOB Quiz Begins!

00:41 Discussion on Corporate Gifting

00:47 Insights on Formal Directors Meetings

00:53 Thoughts on Downplaying Capabilities

01:01 Understanding Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

01:11 Debunking Hockey Stick Growth

01:19 Exploring the Better Business Act

01:31 Reality of Office Spaces in the Metaverse

01:51 The Role of Meditation in Business

02:07 The Importance of Five Year Forecasts

02:25 Controversy of Offshore Tax Havens

02:43 Impact of Language Barriers

02:53 The Trend of Having More Than One Career

02:59 The Influence of Founders’ Egos

03:08 Significance of Business Etiquette

03:25 The Power of Hashtags

03:31 Quiz Results and Closing Remarks

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