Paul is founder and CEO of GloveGlu, a global sports brand that specialises in goalkeeper products and services. 

We speak about Paul’s personal and professional journey, from his initial leap into entrepreneurship to creating and scaling GloveGlu. He shares crucial lessons on product development, market analysis, and the significance of adaptability and honesty in business. We discuss business growth, innovation in the sporting goods industry, and share advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Paul also tell us why lazy product buyers qualify for the big bin of bullshit.


00:45 Meet Paul Sherratt: The Man Behind GloveGlu

02:09 Challenges and Triumphs of Scaling a Business

03:25 Exploring the Global Market and Product Innovation

10:22 The Journey from Idea to Product: GloveGlu’s Origin Story

15:49 Expanding the Market: Beyond Goalkeeping

20:58 Paul’s Personal Journey into the Sporting Goods Industry

31:01 Impact of Brexit and Going All In on GloveGlu

34:34 The Entrepreneurial Journey: From Start to Success

35:09 Leveraging COVID for Business Growth

36:08 Innovating Product Lines for Market Advantage

36:41 Navigating Post-COVID Market Dynamics

38:41 Challenges of Protecting Business Innovations

39:12 Building and Managing a Manufacturing Facility

40:17 Facing Industry Challenges and Adapting to Change

42:57 The Power of Perception and the Impact of Fitness Trends

44:34 Learning from Past Business Mistakes

51:30 The Importance of Transparency and Honesty in Business

55:05 Bullshit in Business – Lazy Product Buyers 

59:37 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know Paul Sherratt

01:03:40 Final Thoughts and Advice for Entrepreneurs

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