Merida is founder of MetaGen, an app which simplifies metadata collection to ensure artists receive their fair share of royalties.

We unpack the complexities of music metadata management and its impact on artists’ financial stability. Merida explains how MetaGen works to ensure artists receive the royalties they deserve.

Merida sheds light on her journey from musician to tech entrepreneur while dealing with the challenges of venture capital gender bias. We discuss gender perspectives in business, examine stereotypes, societal expectations, and debate why bias issues exist in healthcare.

Merida also explains why sexual harassment in the music industry qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.


00:53 The Complex Web of Music Metadata and Royalties

01:21 Merida’s Mission: Simplifying Metadata for Musicians

04:42 The Birth and Vision of MetaGen: A Metadata Revolution

12:18 The Role of AI in Music Metadata Management

14:57 The Business Side: Funding, Monetization, and Impact

16:30 The Emotional and Practical Challenges of Music Metadata

27:59 The Fear of Financials: Musicians vs. Spreadsheets

34:11 The Future of Metadata in Music

36:43 Deep Dive into Metadata and Its Impact

38:37 Challenges and Advice in the Startup World

44:14 Gender Bias and Investment in Startups

48:21 The Complexities of Gender Roles and Bias

53:10 Bullshit In Business – Sexual Harassment in the Music Industry

56:07 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know Merida

01:03:48 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs

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