EP 310 – Founder and Chief Narrative Officer of Kleos Advisory, Tedd George is back in the guest seat with the full length version of what was a very knowledgable conversation for EP 71 which we did very little justice by making an anemic edit of.

So here we are for round 2 – The Director’s Cut.

With two decades of expertise, Ted delves into Africa’s digital transformation, innovative solutions in power distribution, and the continent’s resilient entrepreneurial spirit. We also discuss how sustainability and climate change impact local economies and the significance of contextual insights in implementing strategies.

Tedd advocates the unique advantages of being left-handed, the power of learning from failures, and how these experiences fuel innovation. He also emphasises the art of storytelling, effective communication, and the need for clear, intentional writing.

A must-listen for anyone interested in digital economies, entrepreneurship, and the craft of storytelling.


00:00 BWB with Tedd George

01:28 Current Projects and Digital Economy Index

04:09 Challenges in Africa’s Digital Transformation

06:04 Disruptive Technologies and Innovations

13:50 African Entrepreneurship and Ingenuity

24:22 Historical Context and Conflicts in Africa

32:05 Sustainability and Technological Advancements

36:22 Identifying Educational Gaps

36:57 Big Companies and Data Sharing

38:06 Climate Change Impact on Africa

39:38 Agricultural Productivity and Distribution Challenges

41:46 Cultural and Economic Comparisons

44:25 Tech Innovation in Africa

01:00:43 Networking and Public Speaking

01:05:43 Pursuing a Career in Acting

01:09:15 Navigating Employment and Business Setup

01:09:53 Collaborations and Thought Leadership

01:11:12 The Art of Storytelling in Business

01:19:31 Challenges and Resilience During COVID

01:24:33 Insights from a Consultant’s Journey

01:26:10 Communication and Market Understanding

01:27:14 Cash vs. Digital Payments in Africa

01:29:18 Climate Change and Behavioural Shifts

01:34:57 Overcoming Fear and Procrastination

01:40:00 Top Reads and Historical Insights

01:43:36 The Rise and Fall of a Charlatan

01:46:18 The Power of a Stupid Question

01:47:48 Speculation in the Rice Trade

01:54:21 Machiavelli’s Influence on Modern Politics

02:06:14 Cuba: A Tale of Revolution and Survival

02:15:06 Living Like a Cuban

02:15:54 The Ultimate Hustlers in Cuba

02:16:41 Political Comedy Inspirations

02:17:18 The Genius of ‘Life of Brian’

02:17:52 Misinterpretations and Satire

02:23:37 The Art of Good Writing

02:38:53 The Importance of Skepticism

02:46:29 Final Thoughts and Farewell


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