EP 312 – GH05T CEO Adam Biddle jumps in the quiz seat this week sharing his candid views, discussing his daily routines, and talks about the influence of social media on global events like Brexit.

We also discuss a variety of quiz topics including internal meetings, B Corp, Investment TV shows, TikTok, and more.


00:00 Business or Bullshit with Adam Biddle

00:37 Internal Meetings: Essential or Non?

01:33 B Corp: Virtue Signalling or Valuable?

02:04 Investment TV Shows: Real Business or Just PR?

02:49 Social Media Giants: Insta, TikTok & Facebook

03:54 Global Politics and Social Media Influence

06:24 Founder’s Egos and Mentorship

07:26 Breakfast Meetings and Personal Routines

08:26 Five Year Forecasts and Professional Bluffing

09:55 NDAs: Necessary or Nonsense?

10:32 Conclusion and Final Thoughts


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