EP 309 – GSN founder Craig Allen jumps in the quiz seat this week to give us his commentary on quiz topics including investment TV shows, founders’ egos, gardening leave, the importance of mentors, and the concept of ‘my word is my bond.’

Candid and insightful commentary on everyday business stuff.


00:00 Business or Bullshit with Craig Allen

00:47 Investment TV Shows: Business or Bullshit?

01:55 Founder’s Egos: Navigating the Truth

02:20 Gardening Leave: A Necessary Evil?

03:19 Mentors: The Unsung Heroes of Business

04:00 My Word is My Bond

08:21 TikTok: A Necessity or Passing Trend?

09:37 B Corps: Worth the Investment?

10:45 The Efficiency of Internal Meetings

12:39 Insta vs. LinkedIn: The Battle of the Platforms

13:49 Closing Thoughts and Scores


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