EP 308 – Craig is the CEO and founder of Gold Standard Nutrition (GSN) a healthy frozen meal business turning over £7M annually.

Craig recounts his entrepreneurial journey from early near-failures to creating a successful business, and shares how GSN evolved and overcame significant obstacles including supply chain issues, COVID-19, and Brexit.

We discuss the trials and tribulations of running a business, the importance of second chances, society’s pivot towards health and fitness, the intricacies of hiring, with valuable advice on delegation, protecting business ideas, and managing business relationships.

Craig also explains why overfunded food brands qualify for the big bin of bullshit.


00:00 BWB with Craig Allen

00:39 The Journey of a Health Food Entrepreneur

01:05 Fear of Failure and the Drive for Success

02:10 From Uni to Entrepreneurship: The Birth of GSN

03:10 Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle in Business

04:35 The Evolution of Masculinity and Health

18:20 GSN’s Impact: From Gyms to a Wider Audience

25:36 Challenges and Successes in the Food Industry

29:02 Looking Ahead: GSN’s Future and Brexit’s Impact

32:37 Building a Lean Business Model

33:20 The Emotional Toll of Redundancies

33:39 Promoting from Within and Office Culture

34:32 Family Involvement and Business Evolution

35:26 Challenges of Brand Building Outside London

38:08 The North-South Divide in UK Business

40:36 Expanding the Business and Hiring Strategies

43:35 The Future of Frozen Food and Microwave Myths

45:16 Addressing NHS Nutrition Needs

46:47 Insights on Entrepreneurship and Business Growth

55:35 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know Craig

01:04:44 Top Tips for Founders and Entrepreneurs


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