EP 301 – Celia is a disabled founder and Investor, a multi-award winning campaigner, lobbyist, researcher and policy designer, advocating for the improvement of disability equity and accessibility inclusivity.

We discuss Celia’s life long journey with Loeys-Dietz syndrome, and her personal and professional challenges. We talk about the importance of representation, access to benefits, and inclusive policies to advocate for a shift towards normalisation and societal integration of disabled people.

We speak about the role of SMEs in fostering inclusivity and how they can become more proactive. We also discuss the necessity for businesses and government bodies to embrace inclusive practices – to consult with disabled representatives for a more equitable and accessible future.

Celia also tells us why ineffective consultation qualifies for the big bin of bulls**t


00:00 BWB with Celia Chartres-Aris

01:17 Celia’s Journey with Loeys Dietz Syndrome

10:10 Challenging Disability Stereotypes

10:47 The Intersection of Disability and Normality

26:24 The World of Work as a Disabled Individual

32:57 Exploring Accessibility and Inclusion Challenges

33:33 Workplace Adjustments and Discrimination

36:19 The Impact of COVID-19 on Work Flexibility

37:18 Unconscious Bias and Disability Representation

39:56 Experiences with Disability and Public Perception

48:20 The Importance of Disability Inclusion in Business

56:04 The Complexities of Disability Support Systems

59:20 Better Disability Awareness and Support

01:04:35 Exploring Toxic Positivity and Its Impact

01:05:06 The Realities of Living with Disabilities

01:06:06 Internalised Ableism and Its Effects

01:06:57 The Healthcare System and Social Perceptions

01:07:39 COVID-19: A Window into the World of Disabilities

01:09:00 Disability Equality and Understanding in Society

01:14:11 The Cost of Living with a Disability

01:20:19 The Importance of Representation

01:24:12 Personal Reflections and Advice for Founders

01:27:17 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know Celia

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