EP 306 – Andrew is founder and managing director of Coldpress, a juice company utilising High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology to make their juice without using heat which preserves the fruit’s nutrients and flavour. Yummy.

We talk about Andrew’s business origins, the ups and downs of navigating the fresh juice industry – cash flow challenges, the impact of switching co-packers, maintaining product quality in the face of really bad manufacturing mishaps .. Andrew’s seen it all, and survived!

Andrew also explains why Brexit massively qualifies for the big bin of bullshit.


00:00 BWB with Andrew Gibb

01:25 The Juice Innovator from Down Under

02:11 Challenges and Triumphs of Running a Juice Business

03:20 Science and Strategy Behind ColdPress Juicing

09:00 Health Claims and Marketing

11:54 Andrew Learning from Mistakes

21:06 Taking ColdPress Juice to the UK

23:50 The Realities of the Beverage Industry

25:29 Revolutionising Juice Production

26:36 The Innocent x Coca Cola Deal

27:20 The Highs and Lows of Entrepreneurship

34:55 The Complexities of Brexit for Businesses

38:53 Quickfire Round: Getting to Know Andrew

45:04 Five Tips for Founders and Entrepreneurs

47:42 Closing Remarks and Wrap-Up


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