EP 305 – welcome to a very special episode where we look back at some of our favourite guests and give you parts of the conversations which didn’t quite make the final cut, but we think need to be heard.

We speak to:

Allen Simpson – former Managing Director of London & Partners

Victoria Jenkins -award-winning adaptive designer and founder of Unhidden

Steve Keen – economist, professor and award-winning author

Grace Blakeley – author and commentator on economics and politics


00:00 Friends of BWB

00:38 Brexit’s Impact on London’s Economy

08:20 The Complexities of Disability Representation

16:05 Debunking Economic Norms with Steve Keen

19:25 The ‘The Big Short’ and Meeting Real-Life Characters

20:16 Breaking Down Economic Theories

22:05 Debunking Neoclassical Economics & Private Debt

26:06 Modern Monetary Theory and Its Implications

31:51 Community-Based Economic Models

36:41 Concluding Thoughts on Economics, Politics, and Society


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