EP 317 – Recorded on the 6th March 2023, Andy Oury reunites with his sister and parter at Oury Clark, Juliet Oury who was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer on the 30th September 2022, and who sadly passed away on 7th June 2023.

They have an emotional and candid discussion about Juliet’s ongoing battle with cancer – the challenges faced with treatments, the impact on Juliet’s personal life, her hospital antics with matchmaking plans. Even the quality of hospital tea and biscuits gets put under the hammer!

Throughout, they emphasise the importance of living life to the fullest, cherishing support systems, and maintaining a positive outlook despite the circumstances.


00:00 BWB with Juliet Oury

00:39 Juliet’s Chemo Journey

04:35 Juliet’s Hospital Experiences

07:53 Juliet’s Matchmaking Plans

11:27 Reflections on Life and Future Plans

18:39 Cancer Journey and Medical Insights

21:38 The Struggle with Lifestyle Changes

22:07 Weight Loss and Diet Challenges

23:20 The Frustration with Uncertain Treatments

27:01 Telling Family and Friends

29:14 Planning a Memorable Party

34:01 Reflections on Professional Life

41:26 The Future of Oury Clark

43:03 Cherishing the Present and Looking Ahead


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